How to Measure Who Is Clicking On Your Social Video Ads?

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Video Ads On Social

The big brands are using advertisements on video platforms in a significant way. According to Pixability’s State of Digital¬† (buy youtube views uk)Advertising Report, most agencies select three main social networks for their campaigns. 90% are on Facebook, 88% are on YouTube, and 88% are on Instagram.

Pixabiility examined the results of campaigns conducted on a variety of platforms. They include:

  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Amazon Fire TV

Their research suggests that Facebook has the highest CTR of all studied channels. The Facebook CTR was an average of 1.15 percent. Instagram’s average is 0.47 percent, while YouTube’s is just 0.11 percent.

One particularly intriguing conclusion from this study. Older users tend to be more inclined to click videos than younger users. A typical CTR for those 65 years and over who are 65 years old or older is 3.42 percent. The Instagram CTR for the same group of people is 1.8 percent.

Younger people are less than average and are less likely to be quick. 55-64-year olds have an average Facebook CTR of 2.38 percent and 1.73 percent on Instagram. The group with the smallest age range has lower CTRs. 18-24-year-olds had an average of 1.05 percent of their followers on Facebook and 0.46 percent on Instagram.

YouTube Video Ads

YouTube seems to be the site with the most miniature CTR overall categories. The top standard CTR was 0.13 percent, remaining in the 25-54 age brackets.

There is, however, a positive for marketers. The cost-per-view (CPV) has dropped for both YouTube and Facebook. Between 2018 and 2019, YouTube’s CPV fell by around one-third.

Facebook’s CPV, however, in contrast, decreased by 11.4 percent from year to year. Instagram is an entirely different story. It’s rapidly becoming a major player in marketing. The platform’s CPV increased in 2019 by 4.5 percent.

Impressions Higher Among Younger Groups

The rate of click-throughs to videos could be higher for older people on social media platforms. However, the majority of views originate from younger age groups. This is true, especially on Instagram.

Instagram vs. YouTube

On Instagram, 69% of its video-related views originate from people aged 18-34. YouTube, however, is slightly older. Nearly 65% of all pictures on the platform are from people aged 25-44.


Numerous studies reveal that Facebook is decreasing as an ’emo-centric’ platform. A survey conducted by Edison Research claims that Facebook is losing users. The company currently has around 15 million fewer users than it did in 2017.

A large portion of those between the ages of 12 and 34 have switched to Instagram instead. Many youngsters have left Facebook because of its privacy issues. Many say they are stressed by it. But, since Facebook makes up a broader ecosystem of apps, many users find it hard to get a clean break.

People aged 35 or older account for 58 percent of Facebook views of video ads. Although Facebook might be losing its traction among younger demographics, it’s not at the end of its road. It is still home to more than 2 billion active monthly users. Different sources say that 5 and 6 new profiles are added every second. A majority of Americans also use Facebook as well as YouTube.

Mobile Plays A Big Part

Mobile was the primary source of the video ads seen across all social media platforms. It was 98% on Instagram, 81% on Facebook, and 64% on YouTube. It’s not surprising, considering that users spend a lot of time interacting with social media platforms on their smartphones. According to Statista, 96 percent of Facebook users use it on smartphones.

This is in stark contrast to other platforms like connected TVs. At the same time, smartphones were the most popular regarding impressions for video ads, but they’ve slowed down in the year 2019. Mobile is now responsible for around a quarter of images on devices.

View-To-Completion Rates Are On The Rise

While the click-through rate is significant, it’s not the only metric marketers use to gauge the effectiveness of their campaigns. View-to-completion rates are a different important measurement.

Indeed, since as long as 2012, research has offered some intriguing suggestions. Some believe that completion rates could be a better measure to evaluate the effectiveness of a video advertisement.

Facebook and Instagram

Rates of completion of ad completion on Facebook as well as Instagram have increased significantly year-over-year. Between 2018 and 2019, Facebook’s video view ad completion rate rose to a record. It increased by 240 percent. Although Instagram could not generate the same magnitude of an increase, its video view ad completion rate jumped by 190 percent.


YouTube, however, on the other hand, experienced a less significant increase in the rate of completion of ads for video. The momentum grew by only 20% between the years 2018 to 2019. For more details click here

Who Is Using Which Social Media Platforms in 2019?

In the end, people of older age are opening up to social video advertisements. Knowing which networks and what type of content they are interested in is essential. This will assist you in forming your advertising plan.

Data gathered from Pew Research Center gives insight into who is on which platforms.

Pew Research Center insights on various online platforms

There are many reports about the explosion of growth in social media platforms, such as Instagram and TikTok. Yet, YouTube and Facebook remain the most effective ways to connect with the typical American user on social media.

The surprising acceptance of older Americans to ads on video is something else to keep in mind when designing and using ads for social media.

Final Thoughts

The location you put ads on and the format you make it based on the demographic you’d like to target. If you aim to appeal to younger buyers only, many suggest placing your ads on platforms such as Instagram and TikTok.

If you’re seeking a more widely-used approach, Facebook will be an essential tool to market your business. You must create content that appeals to different types of users. Also, it must be able to work on various platforms. This will give you the most significant outcomes.

Please look at our blog post about learning how to master the Facebook Ad Funnel and how to create better ads that steer users in the proper direction.

Rethink Your Focus

Video content is an essential element of any marketing plan that is digital. You can modify your video advertisements to fit your target audience. The majority of marketers focus on the younger age group. But, depending on your company, this could be an error.

It is essential to comprehend the needs of all age groups of consumers as well as other demographics. It is crucial to create successful campaigns.

When designing videos for social networks, you should consider that they tend to be seen by more mature viewers. This is particularly true of Facebook as well as YouTube. These sites tend to have an older user base.

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