The different methods to spy from a phone number

The different methods to spy from a phone number
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 If you want to hack someone else’s phone camera while using another device

  • Go to SpyNote’s official website and subscribe to a plan of your choice.
  • Select the device type.
  • If it is an Android, you will need to download the software from the targeted phone and install it on it.
  • Grant all necessary permissions for the app to work correctly.
  • If the target device is iOS, you don’t need any installation, as spying on the phone camera can do without it.
  • All they will ask for are the iCloud credentials of the iOS device.
  • Make sure the backup option is enabled to sync data with your phone.
  • Once all the checks do, you can log into your online dashboard and start spying on your target’s phone camera.
  • You can now click on the “Photo” tab to browse the photos embedded in the target’s device.
  • You can also browse photos from social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and the rest on your dashboard.

How to remotely trigger the phone camera

This can only be done on Android. Here’s the procedure to follow :

  • Root your Android
  • Install the invisible application “HoverWatch” on it
  • When you send a secret SMS to the phone, a photo will trigger
  • You can also send another private SMS to activate the microphone of the phone remotely

This modern-day keylogger thus makes it possible to benefit from complete “environmental listening.”

The different methods to spy from a phone number

Hack a phone with only its number thanks to social engineering

There is an alternative mobile tracking option for those who want to hack from the number alone. This method requires no special software, only a call to the telephone service provider.

Some mobile service providers allow tracking of the location of the phone number:

  • by GPS
  • by text message
  • and through the phone’s call history

To access this feature, you must provide a document confirming that you are a parent or guardian of the mobile owner. In addition, consent to monitoring is required (in case the person is over 18).

The follow-up is not diversified and is limited to the following elements:

  • GPS coordinates
  • List of incoming and outgoing calls
  • SMS history

This method is still suitable to know!

The online service that remotely locates a phone using its single number

This is a reasonably recent internet service for which here is the user manual:

  1. You enter the phone number you want to geolocate
  2. The service sends an SMS to the target containing a link.
  3. When the user clicks on this link, his geolocation has done in real-time.
  4. You receive the contact details of the user.

Hire a professional hacker to spy on a phone without having it in hand

I have seen more people offering to “hack any cell phone” without access… These people are taking hard cash.

According to the ads, it would be enough to send your payment to this person (often several hundred euros), but there is no guarantee that we will not come across as a scammer.

I would not use this illegal method.

Are some hackers capable of doing this sort of thing? Undoubtedly the answer is yes.

But if these people are genuine and have the necessary skills, they will charge a lot for their services and won’t advertise!

What they are doing is illegal with severe consequences if caught. They will be conscientious about remaining anonymous.

The most likely way to find someone offering these services is through a private investigator.

Hoverwatch (for Android)

Some apps like Hoverwatch can easily hack android phones.

The best offer for HoverWatch

I know some people who have used it to check their nephew’s activities on WhatsApp, and it worked well.

  • It is a spy app for Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and any mobile phone.
  • You need to install it on the target device after signing up and receiving a login email.
  • After installing it, you can delete the app icon on the targeted device.
  • It will not slow down the phone and will work in the background without alerting the WhatsApp account owner.
  • The difference between this app and the others is that it allows you to listen invisibly to what is said around the telephone, like a remote dictaphone.

The essential functions of the HoverWatch app

  • Multiple Device Tracking
  • Ability to send commands remotely
  • Listening to the environment
  • Hacking the apps installed on the target device
  • Blocking if you consider them unwanted or inappropriate
  • Ability to block unwanted web content
  • Anti-theft functions
  • Remote erase function
  • Alerts: you will receive a notification if the user of the target device leaves a territory you have predefined

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