Medical Billing Solutions: A Guide For Comprehensive Billing

Medical Billing Solutions
Medical Billing Solutions: A Guide For Comprehensive Billing

Medcare MSO, when a provider and/or medical group are looking to outsource their medical billing and collections for the first time, they are awestruck by the percentage pricing model. Since they’ve never had outsourcing before and relied upon their staff members for managing the collection and medical billing, they are not in a position to comprehend the benefits of the success fee model. Another area of confusion and worry is the services that are covered by this model. Let’s talk about these concerns and attempt to help you understand the pricing model:

Medical Billing Solutions

Medical Billing Solutions
Medical Billing Solutions: A Guide For Comprehensive Billing

The Scope of Services Covered

The largest misunderstanding about the percentage pricing model is when one is unsure of what services are included. In general, all Revenue cycle-related services will be covered, including the following: Demographic Entry (if appropriate) Coding (if the provider does not code), and Charge Entry. claims transmission, managing transmission rejections, payment posting followed-up on AR, and Denials Management. Sometimes, credentialing, insurance benefit verifications, and/or patient calling are also available at a cost that is slightly more expensive. One of the reasons the percentage fee is custom-made and not available on rates that are standard is because of this flexibility to customize as well as variations in collections, specialties, and software, among others.


There are numerous advantages to the success fee model. One of the most significant is payments based on performance only. Because the provider as well as the medical group pay based on the results (collections), as well as the fixed cost of salary and other benefits of internal billing personnel, the margin of those working for the Practice/Medical Group increases.

Another advantage is that the collection and billing for medical services are handled by specialists who are tasked with the goal of enhancing their Collections to Practice/Medical groups. Practice/Medical group, as their charge is based on the collection process. This reduces waste, increases efficiency, and speeds up cash flow.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Your Medical Billing

The healthcare and medical industries are continuously evolving. Outsourcing can also allow doctors and health professionals to manage smaller staff. This increases the profitability of their practice. Furthermore, the outsourcing of medical billing allows doctors to connect to other medical communities.

Physicians who contract their billing to a medical billing company will receive timely reimbursements. The medical billing company will give a precise report of the dues paid at regular intervals. This gives physicians an overview of their income in real time. This information assists physicians to improve their incomes regularly by a steady increase in their income numbers.

Doctors who decide to outsource their medical billing are at risk of fewer interruptions to cash flow. This is due to the fact that medical billing companies offer the expertise of specialists to each customer. They are aware of the latest developments and regulations that affect the medical billing business. These essential aspects are the driving force behind the medical services sector. 

When is the Right Time to Outsource Your Medical Billing and Collections?

Being a successful doctor is about providing the highest quality medical care, performing effective collection and billing for medical services, and making sure that cash flow is healthy. Yet, only a small percentage of clinics in the US have the opportunity to taste the fruits of their success. There are numerous factors that impact the rate of success. Among them are the recent changes to healthcare like the ICD-10 implementation. It has been difficult for them to concentrate on the patient’s care, which is their main aim. Are you ready for them to contract out medical billing as well as a collection? Well, yes! Let’s talk about how outsourcing can be the ideal option:

Trained Experts

Medical billing companies educate their staff on the most advanced techniques in line with the current standards. Highly-trained professionals provide top-quality healthcare billing solutions to customers, making sure that there are zero denials. They also handle the current AR pile-up in order to earn revenues.

Avant-garde Technology & Software

The cost of outsourcing medical collections and billing is much less than investing in top-of-the-line software and technology. There are also the costs of maintenance and upgrades that would consume the majority of the money that healthcare practices make.

Improve Productivity & Profitability

One of the biggest problems faced by many medical practices is the rise in claim denials that directly affect the cycle of revenue. Without adequate knowledge, the internal medical billing team is unable to provide accurate claims or follow-up with claims denied. By outsourcing to an outsourcing company for medical practices, they can avoid such issues. The highly trained collection and medical billing staff guarantees fewer denials of claims and ensures that denied claims are processed in time to ensure unstoppable cash flow. Certain medical billing firms that are reputable provide credentialing and re-credentialing in addition.

Improve Cash Flow

Alongside the denial of claims and the neglect of AR days, there is another aspect that can affect the cash flow of medical practices. The cause is incorrect payment post-payments. A well-known medical billing company has highly skilled experts who make payments with the utmost care, thereby eliminating any errors and guaranteeing an uninterrupted flow of cash. For more information on Medcare Medical Billing Services as well as our offerings, call +1 800 640 6409, or go to website

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