10 Untold Reasons That Can Cause Dissertation Failure

Dissertation Failure

Dissertation failure has now become very common. For a doctoral or master’s student, the dissertation project is a very important paper for his academic career. In a dissertation, a student needs to show a comprehensive work with extensive research. A lot of students try to build their academic career but they fail to give quality in the dissertation. There are now many students who have failed to get their degree because of the issues they face with dissertation. There are various reasons for dissertation failure. In this article, we will give you ten untold reasons that can cause dissertation failure.

Absence of good research idea:

There are many students who succeed in their course works. They manage to clear the course work effortlessly. During the whole time of the dissertation writing, they appear to take proper interest. That is why they don’t face any difficulty in getting ready for the whole research process. However, many students face difficulty in getting proper research ideas. They leave the program since they find the research work overpowering. A few students could not track down a subject for the research, which leads to dissertation failure. The absence of good thoughts is one of the critical reasons behind this issue. Getting dissertation writing services is always helpful to overcome this issue.

Failing to defend the thesis:

Many students fail their dissertation very easily because they are unable to defend their thesis in the dissertation. There are two forms of thesis defenses that students commonly need to focus on, i.e. one toward the beginning when they present their research proposition and the second after the research. The latter is generally essential as it comes at the last stage of your of degree. You need to properly defend a few years’ worth of research work. Getting failed at this stage can cause because of the fragmented research. With a lack of research, students cannot close the study and draw unacceptable outcomes.

The non-serious behaviour of students:

Top level scholastic degrees are very demanding. However, they require undeniable concentration from the students. Non-serious students who sign up for a postgraduate education program only to get a degree are bound to fall flat.

Not balancing the work and academic life:

A ton of abroad/local students need to work close by their schooling to meet their costs. All the while, they get so tired with their work that they give almost no consideration to their examinations. This leads to more chances of getting dissertation failure.

Non-academic way to deal with dissertation:

Numerous students don’t give appropriate focus to their research work. For this, they need to pace through the research and make things happen. Otherwise, it can prompt dissertation failure. Students commit plagiarism just to finish the paper.

Lack of supervisor’s help:

If you are fortunate, you will get a teacher who truly focuses on your progress. A student might fizzle at research because of an absence of help from the supervisor. This can be a huge reason of dissertation failure. The absence of coordination can highly impact the quality of your dissertation. That is why, it is important that you get proper support from your supervisor.

Extended and lengthy abstract:

Overenthusiasm to share your findings is a severe mistake. An abstract is the primary thing you compose after finishing the research work. In this way, normally, you might begin spilling out words, not knowing where to stop. This makes this part stretched beyond what is satisfactory. A thesis is intended to be an extensive record. However, every part has its own importance and word limit. Longwinded abstract can harm your research paper and lead to dissertation failure.

Making sloppy mistakes:

It is better to prevent all the mistakes first. Blunders in the research can cost significant grades to a researcher. Save your endeavours by giving a decent reading to your paper. You need to really take a look at your paper. Senseless spelling errors, lost words, grammatical errors, and so on are major mood killers for the professor who is grading your paper.

Making too much suspense:

Developing anticipation in your study can be decent yet provided that it doesn’t demolish the interest of the analysts. A fascinating thesis ought to be introduced in a narrating style. However, an excess of suspense can cause trouble. By keeping the reason for your paper concealed for a long time, the analysts and your readers could leave your work.

Composing complex sentences:

Incoherency is one of the most well-known mistakes researchers make while composing their papers. An effective paper ought to be clear and brief to dazzle the examiner. In many cases, students have too many thoughts and ideas in their minds that they wind up composing complex and irregular sentences in a section. This will keep your paper from mirroring a consistent and smooth movement of ideas between the texts. It can reduce the value of your dissertation and even lead to dissertation failure.

Absence of proof to defend your claims:

The significance of a dissertation is with the end goal that the examiner will completely check and examine each composed claim and word in your thesis. You really want to add sufficient evidence in your research that it effectively shields your cases and claims. Referencing plays a significant part in showing proof of your thoughts and ideas. However, you need to cite your paper with the proper method. It is vital to adhere to the guidelines given by your institution related to the arrangement of references. The absence of evidence will land you in a very uncomfortable situation where you could fail your dissertation.


In order to avoid dissertation failure, you need to focus on all the above-mentioned factors that can cause failure. You need to make sure that you use good ideas in your dissertation. You must also use proper references to back your claims and ideas. Try to give a decent read to your paper at the end to avoid any sloppy and grammatical errors. In this way, you can easily pass your dissertation.

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