6 Social Media Wall Platforms For Your Next Event – An Event Marketer’s Choice

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Social Media Wall has been a revelation in current times in making an event highly engaging. However, creating one for an event is altogether a different ball game. Several social media wall platforms have emerged, and every platform offers something different from the other one. But you cannot pick any social wall platform with your brand’s objectives on the line.


We have created a guide for you that contains a list of 6 social media platforms with all their features. But before presenting them to you, first, understand what a social wall is.


Definition: Social Media Wall


 A social wall is an incredible arrangement of social media posts from multiple social and review channels displayed on a digital screen. Brands use a social wall to represent their customer’s social media posts in photos, videos, testimonials, reviews, etc., aggregated from social channels like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google Reviews, etc. 


A social media wall serves several benefits, and social proof, user engagement, brand advocacy, sense of trust are a few. 


Top 6 Social Media Wall Platforms


Selecting a social wall platform to produce the best results would ask you to be wise. So, be at the top of your decision-making as the top 6 social media wall platforms are here.


  • Taggbox 


Taggbox is an aggregator and presentation tool for social networking. It collects and displays live Instagram wall on a visually appealing event social wall. User-generated social media feeds are compiled using various sources of hashtags, mentions, keywords, and other methods.


It has fantastic customization, curation, and analytics capabilities. Its Sentiment Analysis provides a thorough look into audience behaviour. It’s a stunning method to generate positive word-of-mouth marketing for your event, both before and after it.


Taggbox’s pricing levels are flexible and cost-effective. It has a little something for everyone. Website, Digital Signage, Events, API, E-Commerce, and Enterprise Plans are among the six pricing plans available.


  • Tagboard


Tagboard is a social wall creation tool that allows you to find relevant hashtags for your event and aggregate your tweets, Instagram photos, and Facebook posts into a publicly accessible social wall. Rather than creating a freestanding wall, this social media wall uses hashtags on prominent social media platforms. Tagboard also enables you to control and curate posts before they go live on your wall. In addition, all the social feeds on the social wall are getting updated in real-time. 


  • Tint


The Tint is a social media wall tool that connects more than hashtags to customers’ social walls for events. It also includes SMS messages and video contributions. In-feed CTAs with forms that guests fill out in person can also be displayed on touch-ready screens. The interactive social walls appear to be a terrific technique to immediately engage attendees on the event floor. In addition, the wall can be modified and branded according to your requirements. Analytics comes among other features that set Tint apart from other tools.


  • Glue Up


From event page development to email campaigns, registration, and ticketing, Glue Up combines the best event features into an all-in-one platform. The social wall feature, available on both the desktop and mobile app versions, is one of its value-added services. The part that makes Glue Up different is that most participants use the Glue Up app to enter events and the social wall is only accessible by the Glue Up community present at the event. 


As a result, there will be no hashtags; instead, you will have a completely self-owned social media wall that can help develop communities for your events. This style is beneficial for organizations whose members regularly hold events.


  • Snapcastr


Snapcastr not only has a highly customizable wall to help you reinforce your event’s identity, but it also makes it simple to integrate and highlight your event’s sponsors. Enter them into your system, and you’re ready to use them on your displays. Using real-time statistics, assess the impact of your hashtags and make quick modifications to improve the effectiveness of your communications. Also, moderating your phone, laptop, or tablet is beneficial. Finally, keep spam at bay!


  • Eventifier


Eventifier makes the most of user-generated content by allowing your customers to speak for you. The most thoughtful way to preserve your events is to view corporate information, team members, fundraising efforts, and more with Eventifier. In addition, it aids in gathering social media information from conferences, meetings, and other events and the creation of archives.


Up to you!


If you create a social wall for your next event, why not create the best? The social wall creation tools mentioned in this guide are brilliant in their regard, and you need to find out which would match your event’s objectives. So make your next event memorable and set the ball rolling from now.


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