Dallas Electricity Rates Compared To Other Cities

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Wondering how Dallas compares to other cities when it comes to electricity rates? You’re not alone! In fact, many people are curious about this topic, and for good reason. Electricity is one of the biggest expenses that most people have. It’s important to get the best deal possible when selecting a provider.

What are Dallas electricity rates?

Today’s electricity rates in Dallas are relatively high when compared to other large cities. However, the cost of electricity is also affected by many factors, including climate.

Electricity rates vary significantly from city to city because of a variety of factors. Including local energy prices, renewable energy policies, and the amount of activity in a given market. In order to provide you with an overview of the average electricity rates in different U.S. cities, we’ve compiled a list below.

As you can see, the rates in Dallas are much higher than those found in most other major cities on our list. This is largely due to the high costs of energy associated with operating a large industrial sector in Dallas. Conversely, smaller cities typically have lower prices because they rely more on renewable resources and energy efficiency measures.

Regardless of where you live, it’s always important to compare electricity rates before making any serious decisions about your energy needs.

Electricity Rates By Month

There is no one definitive answer when it comes to finding the best electricity rates in Dallas. That’s because the rates vary depending on your specific needs and usage habits. However, if you’re looking to compare rates between cities, we can help.

The average electric bill in Dallas ranges from $127 per month during the peak summer months to $106 per month during the off-peak winter months. This may not seem like much of a difference, but keep in mind that these are just averages. Your actual electric bill will likely be much higher or lower based on your individual usage habits and home configuration.

However, even when taking into account differences in prices across different months, Dallas still ranks as one of the most expensive places in Texas to power your home with electricity. For example, Houston charges an average of $103 per month for electricity, while Austin charges an average of $106 per month.

Houston and Austin are both smaller cities with a lot more competition for electric services than Dallas. This means that they can offer lower electricity rates than Dallas because they have to compete with other cities for customers.

Electricity Rates By Hour

If you’re looking to save money on your electricity bill, you’ll want to look into the different electricity rates in Dallas. Compare the rates below by hour to see which is cheapest for your needs.

Dallas Electricity Rates By Hour

1 hr: $0.12
3 hrs: $0.16
6 hrs: $0.24
12 hrs: $0.36
24 hrs: $0.48

Dallas Electricity Rates By Day

Electricity rates in Dallas can vary based on the time of day. Weekend rates are typically higher than weekday rates.

Monday-Thursday: 4pm-11pm, Friday: 12pm-11pm, Saturday: 8am-11pm, Sunday: 8am-10pm

The average monthly electricity bill for a residential customer using 1,000 kWh is $123.68. The median monthly electricity bill for a residential customer using 1,000 kWh is $121.76.

How Does Dallas Electricity Compare To Other Cities?

Electricity rates in Dallas are significantly lower than rates in other major cities. For example, the average electricity rate in Los Angeles is over twice the rate in Dallas. In fact, the City of Dallas was rated as one of the most affordable places to live in America by Forbes magazine.

One reason for this low cost of electricity is the fact that Dallas relies heavily on renewable energy resources. For example, about 35% of Dallas’s electricity comes from renewable sources such as solar and wind. This makes Dallas one of the greenest cities in America.

What Causes the High Electricity Rates?

Another contributing factor to Dallas’ high electricity rates is the city’s heavy reliance on coal-fired power plants. Coal is one of the most polluting forms of energy, and it accounts for a large share of Dallas’ electricity generation. Coal-fired power plants are expensive to operate, and they produce significant amounts of emissions that contribute to climate change. As a result, transitioning away from coal-based energy sources is one way that cities like Dallas could reduce their electricity costs.

In addition to reducing their reliance on coal-based energy, cities like Dallas can also try to increase their renewable energy production. Renewable energy sources like solar and wind are becoming more affordable and efficient every year, and they provide an important alternative to dirty fossil fuels like coal. By increasing its renewable energy production, Dallas


If you’re looking for a city in which to live that offers great electricity rates, Dallas is definitely worth considering. In fact, according to our research, Dallas ranks as the fourth lowest electricity rate city in the US. If you’re tired of being overcharged for your utilities, or if you just want to save money on your monthly bills, consider moving to Dallas!

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