TOP 5 Places in America You Should Visit in Your 20!

You are beautiful in your 20s! This is the best age to take a road trip, explore new places, and new cultures. Where to go? You know, you shouldn’t even go far. You can find many youth-friendly places right here in the US. America is full of big and small cities, good for nature-lovers, foodies, book worms, and just adventurous young adults. Before, you should learn a couple of rules on how to rent a car age of 20.

Rules for Renting a Car For Under 21 Drivers

So, you need to rent a car. Try to find the best location for young drivers. As a rule, you can find a good car rental company in a spot where you need it in one click. Just look through the internet reviews, check their under 25 car rental policy. Some agencies allow renting a car to drivers under a certain age. Here are the rules you should follow to rent a car you need:

  • Be ready to pay more 

As a rule, you’ll have to pay an additional fee as a young driver. The fee equal to $15-20 is applied daily.

  • Check age restrictions 

Don’t worry, many agencies will rent to young drivers under 21. Nevertheless, it is possible to find one that doesn’t allow rent a car to someone under 20 years old. Remember that you can rent a car in Michigan and New York even if you are 18 only.

  • Pick cheap cars 

There may be restrictions that limit the type of car you can rent. As a rule, you don’t need expensive vehicles and, most likely, these cars are not available for young drivers.

  • Don’t forget a credit card and driving license

It is impossible to rent a car without a credit card and a driving license.

Country road

Best places for young travelers in the US

  1. Visit Yosemite National Park, California

Spring, summer, and early autumn is the best season for visiting Yosemite National Park in California. First of all, California is a rather friendly state for young drivers. This location is full of stunning landscapes, green meadows, mysterious cliffs, and lakes. It offers such outdoor activities as rock climbing, horse riding, boating, hiking, cycling. Besides, this is a unique location where you can do what you want and stay safe and distant. Before going on a California road trip read more information about Californian travel destinations. 

New Orleans, Louisiana


  1. Visit Colorado

Colorado is a popular location for young travelers. Why? People like to spend time outdoors. You can rent a car and go to one of the most beautiful harbors in Colorado, The Rockies. This is the best place for camping, rock climbing, and hiking. Even if you don’t like sports activities, you can just learn the territory, make friends, and enjoy nature.

  1. Visit The Great Lakes in Minnesota

This is another interesting destination for young drivers. Here, in Minnesota, you can rent a car even if you are 20. What to do? The natural beauty is impressive. This may be the best place for a romantic trip, especially when you are 20 and ready for adventures to impress your partner. So, have a walk along the coast, go boating, or just swim or fish. 

Looking down


  1. Go to New Orleans

This place is especially recommended for visiting young adults. It is rich in attractions and doesn’t look like an American location. New Orleans has its own rich history, interesting drinking and eating traditions, different from what Americans usually have. This is the best place to travel in a company, make friends, and spend funny nights together. Don’t forget food, drinks, music.

  1. Visit Florida Keys

Florida is a piece of paradise on Earth. The trip is expected to be interesting with stunning views, noisy waterfalls, and tropical nature. Rent a car and drive from island to island. The most unexpected restaurant you can stop at is Underwater Jesus. By the way, your trip to Florida can be really affordable if you plan everything beforehand.

What is the word travel destination for young adults? You can browse the internet and find out that West Virginia is considered to be the worst travel destination for young Americans. Why? That’s because of a high percentage of young people with depression. Nevertheless, the choice is yours. Whenever you have a free day or two, pick the destination, rent a car, and go to meet adventures. It is better to plan your road trip beforehand to be ready to meet unexpected spending and situations.

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