Justin Goldsby Lawyer Apologizes to Victim’s Family

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Justin Goldsby lawyer has said that he is sorry to the victim’s family for the violent crime he committed. The attorney also says she is aware of Goldsby’s past history of abuse. Goldsby will spend the next 25 years in prison. He is currently being held in a Washington state prison at Airway Heights.

Munger Family

Shane Goldsby, the young man who admitted to killing his cellmate, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for the murder of his cellmate, Justin Goldsby. He will be eligible for parole after serving his time and will have to pay restitution to the Munger family. The two had been fighting for several months when Goldsby approached Munger from behind in the common area of the cell. He punched the prisoner fourteen times and kicked his head several times. After the attack, he apologized to the Munger family.

Police Vehicle & Leading

Justin Goldsby was abused as a child by his mother, who was a drug addict. When he was young, Goldsby had been in 10 foster homes and was eventually taken in by child services. Goldsby later reconnected with his mother and began using drugs together. In the past, Goldsby had been in prison for stealing a police vehicle and leading multiple agencies on a police chase. During the sentencing hearing, he apologized to the family of his victim and his cellmate.

Washington Department of Corrections

The Washington Department of Corrections’ policy against cellmates homicides states that such separations are necessary in cases where one inmate is an aggressor or a victim of another. The purpose of separating prisoners is to avoid violence and threats to the safety of the prison. Goldsby also believes he was set up by corrections officers. In addition to his murder, he also admitted to possessing child pornography.

Despite his recent conviction for the murder of a teenage girl, Goldsby has a long history of abuse and rape. He spent years in foster care, was arrested on rape charges, and was once convicted of stabbing a girl. He was sentenced to over three years in prison after being found guilty of killing Munger. Goldsby has apologized to the victim’s family and is currently incarcerated at Airway Heights state prison in Washington.

Victoria Lynn Blumhorst

The court heard testimony from Goldsby’s lawyer, Victoria Lynn Blumhorst, who says she is aware of Goldsby’s abuse history. Goldsby’s mother, a drug addict, abused him as a child and placed him in 10 foster homes before he was adopted by child services. Later, Goldsby reunited with his mother and they began using drugs together. By the time he was 22 years old, he was in prison for drug use and was transferred to Airway Heights.

The court’s decision will affect Goldsby’s appeal of his death sentence. Goldsby’s lawyer says she is aware of his past abuse history and is aware of Goldsby’s past behavior with children. She has also told the court that Goldsby is aware of Munger’s abuse history and is aware of his history of sexual abuse.

Airway Heights Correctional Center

While incarcerated, Goldsby was involved in 20 fights with correctional officers. He was moved to several different prisons, including the Airway Heights Correctional Center in Washington. During this time, Goldsby’s cellmate was the same man who had raped his sister when she was a minor. Despite this, he apologized to the victim’s family and apologized for his actions.

Jessica Munger

The sentencing hearing for the slaying of Jessica Munger ended with Justin Goldsby apologizing to the victim’s family for his crimes. Goldsby’s lawyer explained that his client had been abused by his drug-addict mother. He was put into 10 foster homes before his adoptive family took him in. After being separated from his biological mother, Goldsby was taken back in by the family, and a relationship with the drug addict began.

Goldsby apologized to Munger’s family, saying that he had been fighting with Munger since last year. They were put in different cellmates, as prison policy does not allow the same cellmates. On the day of Munger’s slaying, the two had a fight in the common area of the cell. Goldsby punched Munger 14 times and kicked her head multiple times. The incident has sparked outrage amongst the victim’s family.

Final Words:

Justin Goldsby has a lengthy criminal history. Several crimes, including rape, were committed by him. He spent several years in foster care and had a previous rape conviction. In December, he was convicted of murdering Munger and was transferred to Airway Heights prison in Washington. During his sentencing hearing, he apologized to Munger’s family for his actions.

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