The True Story of Justin Goldsby

Justin Goldsby

The True Story of Justin Goldsby is a fascinating book that will appeal to readers of crime fiction. It details the case of Goldsby, who murdered a woman in an act of rape. The novel includes photos and videos of the crime. Goldsby repeatedly stomped on Munger’s head as he knocked her to the ground. The woman died from her injuries a few days later in the hospital. The story also raises questions about whether the killing could have been prevented.

Angela Almand McClusky

Angela Almand McClusky, wife of Anthony McClusky, has three children: Justin, Katherine, and Charles. Their father, Samuel Frederick Almand, is a physician and their mother, Emma, was a homemaker. Angela has also written a novel, The Unspeakable, which is set in the same town.

Goldsby’s Traumatic Upbringing

The True Story of Justin Goldsby is a true story. It details Goldsby’s traumatic upbringing and the violent relationship he had with his biological mother. During the trial, Goldsby tried to read a prepared statement but the prosecutor interrupted him before he could finish. He later attempted to explain his behavior.

Long Criminal History

Justin Goldsby had a long criminal history. He spent time in foster care and in prison. He was later caught raping his sister. Eventually, he was transferred to the Airway Heights Correctional Center in Washington. Correctional staff members were unaware of his criminal activities. Though Goldsby has been sentenced to 25 years, he has apologized to the victims’ families.


The video released by the prosecutor in Goldsby’s case shows the brutality of the attack. The police said that Munger molested several women, including Goldsby’s sister. Goldsby later killed Munger as a result of harassment over his sister’s rape. He also complained twice to the corrections staff at Airway Heights.

After the murder trial, Goldsby’s lawyer apologized to his family and said he regretted his actions. He also apologized to Munger’s family and said he was sorry for his actions.

Robert Munger

The Washington State Patrol conducted a thorough investigation into the death of Robert Munger and his cellmate in jail. While the prison staff did follow protocol in arranging the two men to share a cell, they failed to take appropriate steps to prevent a fatal confrontation. A witness said that Goldsby and Munger first interacted in the cell, discussing Goldsby’s mother. The two men were not trying to transfer each other out of their cell, according to the witness.

History of Rape & Sexual Assault

Goldsby’s crime history began when he was 22. He had a history of rape and sexual assault, including raping the sister of another inmate. He had also been serving time for stealing a police car, injuring a State Trooper in the process.

In a plea agreement, Goldsby agreed to serve at least 25 years in prison. After his prison term, he will be eligible to apply for parole. In addition, he must pay restitution to the victims’ families. The amount of the restitution will be determined at a later date. Originally, Goldsby faced up to 33 years in prison, but his defense and prosecution agreed on a reduced sentence. This was done to ensure that Goldsby’s wife would not live out his prison time.


A year ago, Justin Goldsby had trouble with his cellmate. He began to talk about his past crimes to him, while he was in the same cell. This was contrary to the prison’s cellmate policy.

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