Accounting Services Should Be a Top Priority – Here’s Why

Accounting Services Should Be a Top Priority - Here's Why
Accounting Services Should Be a Top Priority - Here's Why

As a result of the continued worsening of economic conditions, the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) dropped by another 0.9% on an annualised basis in the second quarter, indicating that the country is now heading toward full recession.

Businesses are having difficulty filling open positions, and interruptions in the supply chain continue to be the norm. Because of the wide variety of issues that exist in the modern world, automation is a tool that is more valuable than it has ever been. Learn more to know better about accounting services.

It is essential for growth and success to priorities internal workflow patterns and procedures, particularly in light of the fact that business decision-makers are shifting their attention toward the implementation of cost-saving techniques that generate profit potential.

In these trying times, accounting processes like accounts payable administration, payroll processing, and tax return preparation can present possibilities to increase the potential for profits.

Advantages of Automating Accounting Functions

Automation as a means of cutting down on operating costs has demonstrated to be a successful business strategy that benefits companies in the short as well as the long term. Take into consideration the following advantages.

Better Labor Cost Control

Because there are fewer accounting professionals available in the talent pool who are of high quality and entry level, recruiting and on-boarding new employees is, at best, difficult.

This is especially true for smaller firms whose budgets are unable to compete with those of larger organisations that are competing for the best available candidates.

When manual processes are replaced with a completely automated accounting system, the amount of time spent on routine chores is cut down, which in turn minimises the amount of work that employees have to do each day.

Reduced levels of stress and improved contentment both contribute to increased rates of employee retention. As a result, businesses will have more accurate records and reduced costs associated with payroll as the workflow will become more effective and quicker.

Enhanced Efficiency

Processing accounting activities manually is inherently time-consuming because of the nature of the work. A sluggish processing time means that accounts payable processing will take longer, which may delay payments to vendors. This could have an adverse effect on pricing and add unneeded late penalties to your charges.

When paying customers is delayed, it impedes efficient cash flow management, which in turn results in limited cash being accessible for times when it is necessary to reduce debt or deal with unexpected expenses.

Automation is a strategy that can help an organisation become more efficient. High-value employees are able to devote their attention to improving company performance with the help of advanced analytics.

These analytics reveal ways to maximise employee man-hours in order to reduce operating costs, improve accuracy, and meet compliance benchmarks, such as submitting tax reports on time and avoiding penalties and late fees.

Improved accuracy with fewer employees

It is general knowledge that manual data entry is prone to error, and that this inaccuracy can frequently contaminate the data. Bank account balances, payroll data, and customer bills can all be negatively impacted when errors, such as double posting and transposing digits, occur.

Inaccurate financial statements offer a skewed picture of the state of a company’s finances, which can result in unwise choices regarding purchases and other aspects of business.

Because of these flaws, it is impossible to construct budgets that actually work and to distribute resources in a way that takes into account both past spending and projections of how the economy will change in the future.

The quality of the data improve with the use of automated accounting software such as Net-suite. In order to guarantee that financial accounts, payroll records, and inventory files are completely accurate, high-quality data that pulls numbers directly from a variety of departments must be used.

There is no need for human auditing or revisions to make when entering data. This indicates that the same amount of work can complete in a shorter amount of time and with a smaller number of personnel at your organisation.

Tighter Risk Management

Your organisations susceptibility to fraud increases in direct proportion to the quality of the risk management and workflow processes that it maintains. The accounting staff and the clients both have nightmares because of posting errors.

Errors in billing can damage a customer’s confidence and may result in negative feedback from that customer, which can scare away potential new customers.

Your brand will protect if you strengthen financial controls via automation. In addition, if you use software that checks inventory receipts against purchase orders, you can prevent suppliers from overcharging you for the products or services they sell.

Automation provides company executives with additional capabilities, including the ability to set purchasing limitations and other criteria that ensure favoured suppliers employ for particular items or services.

Because of this functionality, only certain personnel have the authority to order supplies for the company that fulfil the organisation’s requirements for both quality and pricing. See more SEO Ranking Factors.

Net-suite’s automated accounting capabilities include:

General Ledger

Allows for the proper apportionment, depreciation, and amortisation of assets. It enables unique revenue recognition policies for each output. Helps generate journals mechanically by matching transactions based on predefined criteria.


Allows for precise invoicing, processing of recurring payments, generation of billing statements, management of subscription fees, processing of receipts, controls over purchase orders, and certification of receipt of goods or services.

Reduce bad debt with the help of the automated billing and reminder features built into the Net Suite AR module and aimed at overdue accounts.

Monthly Closing

  • Automatically comparing bank data and journal entries can help smart automation highlight bank account inconsistencies that need a “human eye inspection.”
  • When there is a discrepancy between open invoices and receipts, the transaction is highlighted for examination.
  • Automatic internal processes compare sales actions to purchase orders, streamlining the process of reconciling the ledger.
  • Simplifies the process of creating financial statements, filing tax returns on a regular basis, and maintaining regulatory compliance.

You may interest in learning more about accounting automation and how Net Suite can assist you in reaching your financial objectives by giving you the tools you need to automate your accounting processes right now.

Get in touch with today to find out more about our accounting services and products for customers.

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