Importance of Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos for Your Business

Whiteboard Animation Explainer Videos

Marketing is the backbone of every modern business, there is competition every day in every niche of business. As every economy develops and the internet connects the world together it has created a global competition a place where small and big businesses compete for survival.

The competition among businesses in modern times is more competitive, as marketing still continues to be the top priority of businesses around the world, the marketing game also has taken a different turn.

Traditional marketing and advertising techniques such as advertising through radio, magazines, pamphlets, newspaper advertisements, and television have become outdated and less effective. Modern businesses have taken a smarter, more efficient, and affordable root to market their brand.

Modern internet platforms such as social media and SEO are the new marketing tools, widely adopted by businesses all around the world. Researchers have proven that in 2022, an average individual spends 2-3 hours of his daily time scrolling through social media and on the internet.

Today’s businesses understand marketing through social media and search engines is a game changer, and the most efficient tool to market your business on the internet platform is through an explainer video.

There are many forms of explainer video types & explainer video services. But today we discuss in depth the importance of whiteboard explainer videos in marketing your business, and how could you find a whiteboard explainer video company for your business.

What is Whiteboard Explainer Videos?

Let’s get down to the basics, and explain to you what are the fundamentals that make a whiteboard explainer video.

  1. Whiteboard videos are a video style, that contains animated images and texts drowned on a whiteboard.
  2. The whiteboard is the main highlighting point of these videos.
  3. Animations play the most important role.
  4. Whiteboard explainer videos duration can be from 3-7 minutes.
  5. The Whiteboard explainer video contains texts, images, subtitles, voiceovers & music.

Whiteboard explainer videos contain all the 5 features mentioned above, adding that the explainer video is informative, markets your brand, is engaging to the viewer, and finally acts as a convenient marketing tool to market your business on social media and other internet platforms. Connecting to a whiteboard explainer video company can help you craft your imagination into reality with the use of a whiteboard explainer video.

Importance Of a Whiteboard Explainer Video for Your Business

Well, the goal of explainer video services is clear, explainer videos are only and only a marketing tool that holds the power to provide your business with an affordable, reasonable and efficient marketing strategy. So being clear these videos are a good source of marketing, below we discuss the importance, of how can a simple whiteboard explainer video help grow your business and act as an efficient marketing tool to grow your brand.


In modern times the competition has grown among brands & businesses entering a global level where there is competition locally as well as internationally. Advertising in the form of radio, television, or newspapers is less effective. Social media or search engine platforms are more optimized for businesses to advertise their brand through explainer video services. Whiteboard explainer videos can be posted on top social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube helping you have a global reach. These social media platforms are used by billions of users worldwide. So, whiteboard explainer videos can help your brand market more efficiently on a worldwide scale.


In simple terms, branding is a part of advertising, it’s a process that is in the marketing goals of every business today. Branding is a traditional business practice and today it’s on a much larger scale. Having a perfect whiteboard explainer video can help you set standards apart from other brands, and create a unique appearance of your brand in front of your viewers or customers.

Branding helps an individual brand have its own unique identity in the forms of different logos, texts, slogans, etc. Marketing your brand through a whiteboard explainer video can be a good way to create a unique identity for your business and thus set you apart from your competitors.

Target Audience

Whiteboard explainer videos hold the tendency to attract more audience because it contains images, texts, voiceovers, motion graphics, and animations. Marketing researchers have proven that animated videos help grab the attention of the viewers 90% of the time more effectively when compared to other types of explainer video services. The best thing is connecting to a whiteboard explainer video company that can help you design an explainer video that targets the interest of your audience.

Paid Social Media Campaigns

The main aim of social media was the connect people, today accomplishing its motive social media platforms have turned into a virtual world where you can connect to people of every country or locality free of cost. This has paved the way for paid advertisements where you can use images, banners, and explainer videos as a tool and market it to the target audience you select.

Known as social media campaigns, these advertisement campaigns are more optimized, affordable, and provide the best return on investments as now you can target your desired audience on the basis of age, gender, education, and wealth. Whiteboard explainer video can be easily used for paid social media campaigns, this will give you an upper hand in targeting your audience more specifically and thus gain more business.

Marketing on Messenger

Just like social media platforms, messengers are internet chat systems that are popular on android. Top messenger platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, and telegram hold billion of daily users. These are messengers as well as social media platforms that can connect people from all around the world.

A whiteboard explainer video is optimized for sharing on a mass scale on messenger platforms, this sharing is free of cost, requires less effort, and is a good way to connect to your audience in person.

Best Explainer Video Company

Explainer video services become essential business services as every business has a need to market its brand through videos.

Anideos is the best whiteboard explainer video company that provides you with a wide range of explainer video services all under one roof.

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