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Morry Rubin Gallery

The Morry Rubin gallery is located in Miami, Florida. The gallery is run by Morry Rubin, who is also an entrepreneur and real estate investor. He was the founder of eCommerce giant Flexshopper and has extensive experience in mergers and acquisitions. He holds an MBA in finance and has held many public company board positions.

Michael McHenry

Michael McHenry is the owner of the Morry Rubin Art Gallery in New York City. Although he has an extensive background in business and law, Michael decided to change his career path to focus on his love of art. He is also an active investor, having owned stakes in professional sports teams such as the Philadelphia 76ers and New Jersey Devils. He has also been an executive at several public companies.

McHenry is an entrepreneur and successful real estate investor who has a deep passion for art and music. He has a personal collection of works by Picasso, Duchamp, and Kandinsky. In addition, he is active in various genres of music, including jazz, classical music, and contemporary art.

Morry Rubin

The Morry Rubin gallery is located in New York City. It is owned by Michael McHenry, who was born in Australia, but studied in England and Switzerland. After settling in New York in the early 1980s, he decided to pursue his passion for art. His career has spanned several fields, including the art world and the business world.

In addition to exhibiting works by artists, the gallery also hosts public programs. The most recent featured program was on the intersection of art and meditation. In it, artists and scientists discussed the effects of meditation on the brain. One of the highlights of the Morry Rubin gallery’s programs is its interesting mix of artists. The gallery also hosts book signings and talks by authors interested in meditation and art.

Morry Rubin’s Art Collection

If you want to experience the world of art, you should visit the Morry Rubin Art Gallery. It is run by Michael McHenry, a Swiss-born entrepreneur who originally wanted to be a lawyer but decided to pursue art. His eclectic style is widely known among art lovers and collectors.

McHenry was born in Zurich and later studied law at the University of Essex. He originally planned to become a lawyer but changed his mind and went to New York City to pursue his art passion. Since then, he has become an integral part of the operations of the Rubin Museum.

Morry Rubin has a diverse background and is part owner of several large public companies. His interests include art, design, sports, and finance. He owns stakes in several professional sports franchises and has an extensive art collection, which includes over 4,000 pieces of art. He has dedicated a gallery to his collection, and has also hosted unique public programs, such as a meditation program that connects art and meditation.

Public Programs

The Murray Rubin Gallery is one of the most unique cultural institutions in the New York City area. Founder Michael Rubin studied business and law before pursuing his passion for art in New York. After moving to the city in the early 1980s, he has made great contributions to the art world and served on the board of many publicly traded companies. In addition to his art collection, he also runs a number of educational programs for visitors and volunteers.

The Rubin Museum is located in Manhattan’s gallery-centric Chelsea neighborhood. The museum celebrates the art of India and the Himalayas, with special rotating exhibitions and a permanent collection of more than 2,500 objects. It features six floors of galleries, with two of them dedicated to the permanent collection.

Business Interests

In addition to running the Morry Rubin Gallery, Rubin has been active in a variety of business ventures. He has served on the board of directors of numerous companies and aspires to become a CEO one day. His most recent venture is a company called Preferred Labor LLC.

Morry Rubin has extensive business experience in the arts and real estate industries. He has founded several companies and invested in many public companies. He also has extensive knowledge of the music industry and has created or acquired several record labels. Among his many other interests, Rubin has a passion for art and has contributed to many public collections. He also participates in various group exhibitions and sports teams. In addition to owning the Morry Rubin Gallery, Rubin has been involved in a number of successful businesses, including Columbia Records, as well as a variety of private and public art galleries.

Final Words:

While running the Morry Rubin Gallery may not be the most glamorous or lucrative business venture, its owner, Morry Rubin, is an entrepreneur and real estate millionaire. He is also a part-owner of several professional sports teams, including the Philadelphia 76ers, New Jersey Devils, and Crystal Palace FC. Rubin has a diverse background in business and has served on the boards of several public companies.

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