What are some tips for finding cheaper Delta Airlines tickets?

Wondering if you can ever get cheap flights on Delta Airlines? Yes, you can get hold of cheap through Delta Airlines Book a Flight option. Some hacks and tips are needed to be followed for this purpose. The airline has received the best airline award in North America for 2021. It also provides its best in offering the highest health, hygiene, and safety to its travelers. Below are a few tips on how to find cheap Delta Airlines tickets.

Saving money on Delta Flights

If you were going on a vacation and worried about the cost of flying, check out the various points below on how to save money on your Delta flights efficiently.


  • Use the right websites to search for your flights

The place or site where you will book your flights is the number one key to finding great deals and discounts on airfares. Places like VootFly and Google Flights are some of the great tools to scan thousands of available flights.


This will make sure that you are getting the best possible deal. Pick out the best Delta fare available, and then you will be guided to the airline’s website to complete your purchase successfully.


  • Best time to get hold of Delta tickets

The timing of the Delta flights booking is as essential as the site you would use to find your airfare. A common misconception is that booking flying flights way ahead of time, that is, as early as possible, will get you the best deal on airfare. This is simply a myth and not true at all.


According to the Delta reservation agent, the window you must target must be 6 to 12 weeks before your flight. In this way, the flights that are not close to booked will begin to go on sale, but the last-minute increases in price won’t kick in. Hence booking flights 47 days before takeoff is the cheapest way to get flights.


  • Taking advantage of Exchange Rates:

This is only applicable for international flights. If you are flying out of the country, check the website of the country you are flying to see if the fares are cheaper.


It would be best if you plugged the prices into an exchange rate converter, but most of the time, you would be able to find lower prices. For example, if you are flying to France, check fr.delta.com for fares.


  • Cheapest days to fly on Delta Airlines

Try to look for flights on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. Monday is undoubtedly the cheapest day for booking Delta airlines flights. Offers on Mondays are flexible, and flights are available for one-way and round-trip travel to various cities. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are also good options.


  • Contact a traditional travel agent

Most of the times, travel agents helps out in finding better deals than the official sites. It is worth looking into, even if it does not always work out. If you go through a traditional travel agent, you can often find good package deals on flights and accommodations.


  • Being flexible

Flexibility is the absolute key to finding cheap Delta Airlines tickets. Try to look for nearby airports as well during your Delta airlines booking. Most of the time, a better deal will fly out of a nearby airport.

How to get Delta Airlines cheap last-minute tickets?

You can find cheap delta airlines flights. The reason is that the airline tries to provide their travelers with the best discount and fill out their vacant seats. Hence below are some other ways you can follow to get cheaper last-minute flight deals and offers.


  • Booking red-eye flight

Consider booking red-eye flights since they are always cheaper than day flights.


  • Call the Delta Airline reservation department

You are always free to call the reservation department of Delta Airlines at 1 (802)-801-1212 or 800-221-1212 to get information regarding cheaper deals and offers. Besides it, you can also chat with delta representatives and ask them for the best deals and offers.


  • Using Delta Low-fare calendar

You can compare the prices using delta airlines’ low-fare calendar and find the cheapest day to fly to your destination. After selecting the best flight, you can book.


  • Go for non-direct flights

Direct flights are always costlier than non-direct flights. Therefore if you have to book a delta airline for the long-haul, choosing the non-direct flights is always better.


  • Subscribing to newsletter

If you have already subscribed to the airline’s newsletter or alerts a few months back, you will receive and be notified regarding the cheapest last-minute deals and offers.

Some more tips on how to get cheap Delta tickets


  • Take full advantage of Delta cancellation and change policy

Delta Airlines no longer charges any change or cancellation fees on most reservations. Basic economy fares are the only exception to it. Therefore if you have booked a Delta flight directly with the airline and it has dropped in price, you can make a change without paying any fee.


You can also pick a new departure time and rebook for free and keep the price difference in credit. An E-Credit will be issued, and it can be applied to a new reservation if you use it by Dec. 31, 2023.


  • Look out for flash sales

If you book a flight Delta with miles, you get deals on Delta flights. Hence, if you are flexible with your dates and destination, you can score redemption rates. You can get to use fewer miles for trips that usually require you to spend more miles. Flash sales are not a wrong way to use rewards to travel if you do not care where you go as long as you get a good deal.


  • Travel during the off-season

Flexibility with multiple trip components like the length of the trip, hotel location, weather, and other factors can help you save a lot. Booking a flight during the shoulder season can save you money.

Hence in the following ways, you can find cheap Delta Airlines flights. The cheapest months to book delta flights for your trip are November, December, July, and August. On the other hand, the cheapest day to fly on Delta Airlines is Tuesday. During the weekend the tickets are costlier as it is the holiday for most people. If you want further information, you can also speak to the customer’s support team of delta airlines.

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