Information related to Aloe Vera Cultivation in India

Information related to Aloe Vera Cultivation in India

Aloe vera is cultivated as a medicinal crop, but at present, it is grown for making beauty products, pickles, vegetables and juices apart from therapeutic medicines. Aloe Vera Cultivation is an English name. In Hindi, it is known as Ghritkumari and Gwarpatha. Aloe vera has been cultivated on the earth since ancient times and is used in large quantities to make medicines. At present, Aloe Vera is produced in a large amount.

Aloe Vera Cultivation in India For Farming

Many pharmaceutical companies in India buy it. Apart from this, many companies are also producing cosmetic goods, in which aloe vera farming is in high demand. Given its demand, farmers profit by cultivating more quantities of Aloe Vera farming.

Soil Requirement 

Fertile soil is required for Aloe Vera cultivation. Apart from this, it can also be grown in hilly and sandy loam soils. Uttar Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Haryana are the states where Aloe Vera is cultivated commercially. The P.H. of the land in its cultivation. The value should be up to 8.5. Moreover, Powertrac 445 is the best tractor model which helps in land preparation effortlessly.  

Field Preparation

Before planting the aloe vera crop in the field, its field should be well prepared. This is because the roots of aloe vera are found at a depth of 20 to 30 cm under the ground. But it’s plants take nutrients only from the upper surface of the land. Therefore, due to which deep ploughing of its field has to be done, the area is left open like this for some time after ploughing. After this, two to three slant ploughing is done in the field by applying a rotavator.

After ploughing, about 10 to 15 old cow dung manure should be mixed well in the soil in one acre of land. An adequate amount of waste is required for its plants to grow well. Its plants are harvested in a year. It is ploughed by leaving the water to maintain moisture in the field. After a few days, the area is ready for planting.

Transplanting Method

Aloe vera seeds are planted not in the form of sources but in the structure of seedlings. Its plants are bought from any government registered nursery. One of the specialities of its plants is that its uprooted plants can be planted after months.

Moreover, the right time and method also matter for the excellent yield of its plants. It is considered appropriate to plant at a distance of 15 cm from the ground to get the result of its plants for a longer time. Must keep a distance of 60 cm between aloe vera plants. While planting its plants, the roots are pressed well with the soil. The month of July is deemed the most suitable for producing aloe vera plants. Because during this there is a drizzling season, its plants get a sufficient amount of moisture, but its cultivation can be done at any time in irrigated places. It should not be planted in the winter season.


Aloe vera plants require more irrigation. Therefore, its first irrigation is given immediately after planting its plants in the field. Light irrigation should be done to maintain moisture in its area, but too much water harms plants. In the case of waterlogging, water should be removed from its area. Also, for all faring tasks Swaraj 742 is the best tractor model. 

Diseases & Prevention

Very few diseases are seen in its plants. But sometimes rot and spot disease are seen in the leaves of its plants. To prevent this disease, spray an appropriate amount of Mancozeb, Ridomil and Dithane M-45 on the plants.


Aloe vera plants are ready for harvesting after 8 months of transplanting. If the land is less fertile, it takes 10 to 12 months for its plants to become prepared. When the leaves of its plants appear fully developed, they should be harvested. After the first harvesting, its plants are ready for second harvesting after 2 months. More than 11,000 saplings can be planted on its one-acre farm, giving you a yield of 20 to 25 tons. The market price of aloe vera is 25 to 30 thousand rupees per ton, so farmers can easily earn 4 to 5 lakhs from a one-time aloe vera crop.

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