Determining Liability For Damage Caused By a Dog Bite in Glens Falls

Most animals will not attack unless they feel threatened, but unfortunately, not all pet owners are responsible caregivers. No breed of dog is inherently “dangerous,” but if they are subjected to improper training, violence, or neglect, they may become aggressive. In most cases, the fault lies with the owner’s negligence or lack of caution when their dog bites or attacks someone. If you have recently been the victim of a dog bite or attack, it is important to seek the help of a skilled personal injury attorney in Glens Falls.

Liable Party:

When it comes to violent dogs, the state’s general statutes are clear – their owners are strictly responsible for any harm or damage caused to people, property, or other animals. Even if the owner did not intend for the dog to harm anyone or anything, they are still accountable for the consequences of their pet’s actions.

A dog is considered dangerous if it has killed or seriously injured a person without any justifiable reason, or if a county or municipal animal control authority has declared it potentially dangerous. This can happen if the dog has bitten someone, causing significant injuries like broken bones or disfiguring wounds that require hospitalization or cosmetic surgery. Additionally, a dog can be deemed dangerous if it approaches a person in a menacing way with the clear intention to attack while off the owner’s property, or if it kills or severely harms a domestic animal while off the owner’s property.

If you were injured by a dangerous dog on a rented property, the landlord may also be held responsible. If they knew or should have known that one of their tenants owned a dangerous dog, they may be required to compensate the victim.

Liability of Owner:

According to state law, owners of aggressive dogs have a responsibility to take necessary precautions. They are prohibited from leaving their dangerous dogs unattended on their property unless the animal is securely confined indoors. Additionally, it is illegal for dog owners to allow their dangerous dogs to roam freely without a collar, muzzle, or other reliable forms of restraint.

Final Thoughts:

The initial stage of a dog bite lawsuit involves securing the services of a competent legal representative. In Glens Falls, a personal injury lawyer can determine the dog’s owner and assign liability while exploring available insurance coverage alternatives.

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